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Posted 10 months ago

Personal Headcanon

Every year, Jack, Tooth, and Sandy help North deliver presents. While Tooth and Sandy enjoy doing it, they admit it’s definitely killing two birds with one stone with their jobs. Bunny, however, is too prideful about his holiday to help, not to mention he hates the cold with a burning passion.

Posted 11 months ago

Personal Headcanon

Jack, Tooth and Sandy can walk on the very tips of their toes, just like ballerinas dance on pointe.

Posted 12 months ago

I think we all know what Sandy’s getting at, but I want someone to really look at this and then put into words what this little guy is trying to sign.

(Source: madness-leprechaun)

Posted 1 year ago

Submited Headcanon

Sandy can change his appearance at will, he just likes be short and stubby because then he is the same height as the children he watched over