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Jack can use his powers without his staff. It just helps him focus, like a wizard’s wand.

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Personal Headcanon

When Jack sets aside his staff, it looks like an oddly shaped tree branch to nonbelievers.

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Personal headcanon

Contrary to popular belief, heat doesn’t make Jack weak, but rather more extremely uncomfortable, much like bringing someone from the most northern part of Canada to the southern tip of Mexico.

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not a headcanon


now that I have your attention, since it’s Christmas, I’m hoping to get a lot more North headcanons! the poor man seems to be put aside a lot! along with bunny and sandy. feel free to submit to me your headcanons from the movie AND/OR the books! :) if you’re submitting for the books, label your submission with “POSSIBLE SPOILER” because some people haven’t read the books yet.

on another note, I do remember my promise from when I received 50 followers (I HAVE EIGHTY OF YOU NOW! WHERE ARE YOU ALL COMING FROM! I DIDN’T KNOW THIS WEBSITE HAD WOODWORK!) and i’m going to try to find time for that next week. I hate cosplaying while people are home, it’s so awkward and they don’t understand that what i’m doing requires silence and no interruptions.

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As the Burgess kids grow up they still spread believe to the younger generations, making the adults convinced that they are in some kind of cult.

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i think that for christmas, everyone should send positive messages to each other, anon or not.

everyone should wake up on christmas morning with at least one nice message.

i think that would be a great christmas.

Guys can we make this happen?

I’m down. Anyone else?

tumblr christmas

Let’s do the thing!

Guardians! Can we make this happen? Can we make this our thing??

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Personal Headcanon

Jack likes to create new ways to sleep. Sometimes he’ll bury himself in a pile of snow, other times he’ll make himself an igloo or perch himself on top of Jamie’s roof or in a tree. It really just depends in his mood!

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Guardian Of Fun: We should all have a specific day were we sit down and watch Rise of...


We should all have a specific day were we sit down and watch Rise of the Guardians just to appreciate it again. You can invite your friends over to watch it or watch it alone.

You can watch it here online as well so if you don’t own it that’s okay.

November 16th should be the date. It’s a…

Post your headcanons to me! That’s what this blog is for!

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Personal (spooooOOOOooooky) headcanon

Every Halloween Jack would pick things up to make it look like things were levitating in the homes of non-believers. He would also throw a sheet over him to get free candy.

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Personal Headcanon

Tooth once had the ability to grow and shrink at will. She still has this power, however, she has long since forgotten how due to the fact that her fairies are more efficient and she rarely leaves the tooth palace.